Thursday, 28 May 2009

inspiration i've found today

I was browsing and struck gold in the inspiration for possible creations

This is a newborn jacket (more pics of it here)I was thinking Charlie.I was thinking it could be made with jumpers or even t-shirts.Not sure what I'd use to line it if i wanted to make it a warm jacket as fleece gives charlie a rash.

This Jacket (found here) has got me thinking about making some for Cody &Tyson.I was thinking a XL(or bigger) Man's jumper could be enough material for the outer and a same size man's tshirt as lining on the inside.

I love this jacket (here).as you can tell mostly winter type clothing is my inspiration at the moment.

also found these pants (here)going to make some for tyson & charlie.
for those needing ideas on where to start in recycling clothes i found some great tips/ideas here .

Now I have 3 boys so i dont get to make dresses often but i love these dresses(here)they are made out of tea towels!
Also found this site for ideas,tutorias etc (here)

*I will post more ideas later related to Women's fashion,I have 2 little boys calling*

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