Thursday, 28 May 2009

inspiration i've found today

I was browsing and struck gold in the inspiration for possible creations

This is a newborn jacket (more pics of it here)I was thinking Charlie.I was thinking it could be made with jumpers or even t-shirts.Not sure what I'd use to line it if i wanted to make it a warm jacket as fleece gives charlie a rash.

This Jacket (found here) has got me thinking about making some for Cody &Tyson.I was thinking a XL(or bigger) Man's jumper could be enough material for the outer and a same size man's tshirt as lining on the inside.

I love this jacket (here).as you can tell mostly winter type clothing is my inspiration at the moment.

also found these pants (here)going to make some for tyson & charlie.
for those needing ideas on where to start in recycling clothes i found some great tips/ideas here .

Now I have 3 boys so i dont get to make dresses often but i love these dresses(here)they are made out of tea towels!
Also found this site for ideas,tutorias etc (here)

*I will post more ideas later related to Women's fashion,I have 2 little boys calling*

Sunday, 17 May 2009

ode to my sewing machine

Gwenda(allan's mum) trusted me with her very old but awesome sewing machine its older then me and runs so smoothly.Its about 27yrs old.

Anyway,I have been sewing tonight i made a tester pair of training pants to gauge the sizing of a pattern for charlie.It looks like they will fit yay.I used scrap fabric and elastic in my big box of mystery.

The picture on the right is the finished tester minus the fold over elastic and snaps on the side bits :-)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

new blog: important!!!

i have a new blog and this one will be deleted... here is a link